Songs About Stars Whose Popularity Has Fallen

Like a Rolling Stone” turns 50 this week, the primary primary hit to describe someone’s fall from recognition. Since then a selection of such songs were recorded, consisting of another one through Dylan himself a few years later.”

Here are ten of these songs, all containing characters compelled to modify to lifestyles after a brief time within the highlight. Some of the fallen idols seem relieved to be freed from the attention, while others seem to without a doubt war with the dying of their heyday.

“Shooting Star” via Bad Company

Johnny, stimulated by The Beatles’ “Love America Do,” statistics his very own hit tune earlier than overdosing on capsules and alcohol after a completely rapid fall from stardom.

“Sleeping at the Sidewalk” by means of Queen

Brian May takes lead vocal from Freddie Mercury in this News of the World tune, which tells the tale of a saxophone participant’s quick upward thrust earlier than becoming disappointed 인천룸싸롱 with record organizations.

“Retrieval of You” with the aid of the Minus five

Now operating in a mini-mart, this “former report superstar” on the Down With Wilco album nevertheless fantasizes about a massive comeback.

“Top of the Bottom” through John Wesley Harding

The singer-songwriter named after a Bob Dylan album jokes approximately how he once became a large recording artist whose profession declined after some scandals.

“The Entertainer” by using Billy Joel

On this acoustic range from Streetlife Serenader, the piano man admits that his one hit has lengthy been forgotten and “located in the back of the discount rack like some other can of beans.”

“Copa Cabana” by means of Barry Manilow

Lola the showgirl become so popular that two men sincerely engaged in a fatal fight over her, and then she declined to carrying dwindled feathers and consuming “herself half of blind.”

“The Home Stretch” with the aid of Loudon Wainwright

The victim of author’s block muses about getting his vintage garden mowing process returned after a severe decline in his career, telling himself that “At least you are a has-been and not just a in no way-become.”

“I Threw It All Away” by using Bob Dylan

Nashville Skyline is the house of this music, a poignant ballad of remorse and neglected possibility.

“Buffalo Springfield Again” by way of Neil Young

The folks-rock legend reminisces approximately the days of his first band, while the music life appeared more joyful