Tools plumbers use

The issues that plumbers face are quite stressful. They will have to navigate the small spaces and trying not to mess up anything else. There are numerous other challenges that they have to face ignoring the main issue. That is why there are some important trade tools that are essential to keep when it comes to plumbing. No matter what the issue is, plumbers must keep some extra tools to help them out there and then. Otherwise, things get complicated and they arise numerous other issues.


Plumbing tools can be divided into some categories. The first category is known as plumbing wrenches. In this category, you will need to have fixed wrenches whether they are standard or metric, a pipe wrench of different sizes usually a large and a small one is carried, adjustable crescent wrenches, and lastly a basin wrench. All of these tools are the most basic and essential tools that are used by a plumber. All of these different tools help in removing and fitting different things because of the various pipe sizes.


The most important drain tools 


There are a ton of things that a plumber needs to fulfill. They are designed for a specific thing to do. However, they should also be ready in solving other things as well such as clogged sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. All of these things need to be fulfilled before moving on and doing the actual task. Therefore, a plumber may also need drain tools. These tools include the basics as well such as a plunger, hand auger which is also known as a plumber’s snake, a screwdriver and a bucket, rags, and a sponge.


The reason for having these tools is mainly for removing the debris and to allow smooth water flow. This can be done by using hand augers and plungers. They remove all the debris that is stuck inside the drain. Moreover, the job of the bucket, rag, and sponges is also vital to clean up the excess water and debris. Hence, it is important to have these small yet important tools with you on all sides.


Tools to support PVC pipes


Another common tool which is used by plumbers is known as a hacksaw. This is used to cut new pieces of pipe to correct the size when they are replacing old or damaged PVC pipes. Therefore, the tools that come under the category of PVC Pipes are a hacksaw, a PVC pipe cutter, a metal file, a brush, a PVC primer, and pipe glue. All of these things are crucial when you are going to be fixing a PVC pipe.


The plumbers use a metal file to smooth any rough surfaces and edges and to brush off the dust. Then they create a water-tight seal around the mouth of a PVC pipe with pipe glue. Lastly, they place the PVC pipe with strapping, clamps, and anchors. It is important for plumbers to have all of these things near them. That is because they can expect anything to happen. Usually, when a problem like this arises there is not only one problem that needs to be solved but many.