What are the best tools for plumbing?

Plumbing can be defined as repairing and installing pipes that supply gas and water, as well as they carry waste outside of home and from other places. Those who have such quality and know how to do plumbing are called plumbers. There are many tools’ plumbers use for repairing and fixing. Wrenches come at the top of the list. Wrench is a strong tool that is used to loosen a strong and hard nut. These are most commonly used plumbing tool. No plumbing tool list can be considered complete without these.

Wrenches come in different sizes and many plumbers carries more than two of different sizes to a job site. There is a Pipe Wrench, this is the biggest wrench that fits into the largest pipe. Usually, a pair of wrenches are used, one is used to hold the pipe and keep it fixed to a point and the second one is used to loosen the nuts on it. To open the nuts, one has to rotate the wrenches in anti-clockwise direction. The other type of wrenches is Basin Wrenches, they are t-shaped and are uniquely designed to work on faucets. The second most important tool for plumbing it a cutter. While fixing, plumbers need to cut tube and plastic pipes to a obtained size and for that cutters are very important. These cutters are electrical and heats up very quickly and melts the plastic and cut it very neatly into small pieces. These cutters are commonly available in power tool center now.

Another important part of a plumbing kit is a plumbing torch. Its very dark there at your house drainage and usually there is no light in underground drainage, so having a flashlight is always a good idea because you never know when you need it. Similarly another handy material beside torch is a Sealing Thread. While fixing, there is always some tiny holes that can not be fixed by glue or welding, so plumbers use threads to lock the joints and this technique stops leakage. Another one is Plungers. This tool is very important, and many households keeps one because it is useful but it should be a part of your tool kit. Professional plumbers should have a heavy-duty Plunger, to do suction at much higher level than a normal one does.

Safety measure while using such tools

Plumbing is not a very risky job but you never know what happens when. So its better to have security items in your kit. Firstly consider Goggles as the most important item. Sometimes in blocked drainage you might need to add harmful acids and those should not come in contact with your eyes, because this could be dangerous. Similarly, carrying a pair of gloves would be a good idea. These will protect your hands and your skin from any harsh chemical and using different acids might burnt your skin so its better to keep your hands fully covered  and also carry some band aids  and painkillers along with some refreshments.